Short Term Rental Law



On June 12, 2023, the Village Board of Trustees adopted new laws and regulations to ensure the orderly and responsible management of short-term rentals. The laws and supporting documents can be found in the sidebar on this page. If you are a short-term rental owner, it is important for you to be aware of these new laws and the requirements that will be applicable to your property. 


The new regulations define two types of short-term rentals: 

  • Pre-Existing Short-Term Rentals are those that were lawfully operating as of January 31, 2023 and are authorized to continue operation through the permitting process. 
  • New Short-Term Rentals are those that were not lawfully in operation as of January 31, 2023 and are not authorized to operate until permits are granted. The Village has enacted a moratorium on New Short-Term Rental permit applications for 18 months or until all applications for Pre-Existing STRs have been processed. Operators of New STRs must obtain permits prior to renting your property for short-term stays. 


STR Informative Powerpoint


Application Process




All Short-Term Rental Operators that meet the STR Law's definition of a Pre Existing Short Term Rental need to follow these steps in order to be in compliance:



Step 1 Pre-Existing STR operators complete a Special Use Permit Application and submit to The application will be deemed complete or the Community Development staff will work with the applicant to get a complete application. 
Step 2 The Development Board holds a public hearing for each Special Use Permit Application, reviews the application and issues a decision (with or without conditions). Prior to the public hearing, Community Development staff will reach out to the STR owner with information on the requirement to send a public hearing notice to all property owners within 200 feet of the STR property boundary. The Development Board meets 1x per month, at 5:00pm on the first Tuesday. The Development Board will hold five STR property's public hearings at each meeting. 
Step 3 Notice of Decision and STR Permit Application is sent to the STR owner.
Step 4 STR owner completes the STR Permit Application and submits it to the STR Permit Administrator at
Step 5 STR Permit Administrator reviews each application. If all information is provided, then the Code Enforcement Officer will set an occupancy limit and the STR Permit Administrator will issue a STR Permit to the STR owner. 














































*After all applications for Pre-Existing STRs have been approved, the Village Board will clarify which zoning districts will allow New STRs and determine the number of permits available in each zoning district. The Community Development Director will receive applications for Special Use Permits for operation of New STRs; the Development Board will hold a public hearing and issue a determination; STR Permit Administrator will process application for STR Permits after a Special Use Permit has been approved. 



STR Permit 



In addition to the requested materials and signatures on the Village's Short-Term Rental Permit Application, all operators are required to print and affix a listing of community/house rules in plain view on their property. 






House Rules



Questions may be directed to the Community Development Department via email, or via phone (518)891-4150 ext. 234.