Parks and Trails Advisory Board

The Parks & Trails Advisory Board (PTAB) works to make Saranac Lake a great place to live by focusing on recreation and active transportation assets within the Village.


The purpose of the Parks & Trails Advisory Board (PTAB) is to make recommendations to the Village Board on policy and plan implementation that promotes healthy living: walking, bicycling, parks, trails and other activities.  PTAB was established by the Village Board on May 26, 2009 (originally established as the Healthy Infrastructure Advisory Board). PTAB's main focus is on facilitating the implementation of the Village of Saranac Lake Trails Master Plan and Park Vision Plan as well as the Complete Streets Policy. PTAB's other duties include:


  • Make recommendations on capital improvement projects, transportation improvement plans, recreation programs/plans and other Village programs and projects that relate to bicycling, walking and recreation.
  • Act in an advisory capacity in matters pertaining to public recreation and transportation. 
  • Strategize for parks, recreation, leisure and transportation in Saranac Lake and hold public meetings for input on those strategies.
  • Establish funding priorities for grants


Meeting Information

PTAB meets once a month to discuss current initiatives and priorities. Look to the calendar for the next meeting.


If you want to be on the agenda for any upcoming meeting, contact the Village of Saranac Lake Community Development Department at (518)891-4150 ext. 235 or


Advisory Board Members

PTAB includes up to 9 volunteer members appointed by the Village Board of Trustees. Appointments are made with an effort to represent a variety of recreation, health, leisure and wellness activities. Current members are Village residents and represent a diversity of interests, including, but not limited to paddling, skiing, bicycling, skateboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, running, and dog walking.




Name Term Expiration
Charlotte Lomino, Chair 12/31/2024
Stacey Allott 12/31/2023
Jimmy Cunningham  
Ashley Garwood 04/15/2026
Steve Langdon
Colleen O'Neill
Ezra Schwartzberg 12/31/2025
Mary Thill 04/15/2026
Leigh Walrath 12/31/2024


Complete Streets

PTAB works with the DPW to ensure the village's Complete Streets Policy is followed. Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities. Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, and bike to school or work.


The Village's Complete Streets Policy works to develop and maintain safe, reliable, efficient, integrated and connected multi modal transportation facilities that will promote access, mobility, and health for all users, and will ensure the safety and convenience of all users of public transit, people of all ages and abilities, motorists, emergency responders, freight providers and adjacent land users. Whenever an infrastructure project is being planned within the village, PTAB completes a Complete Streets Checklist to identify any opportunities for enhancing the bicycle and pedestrian network. The checklist is shared with  the Superintendent of the DPW during the design phase of project planning.


The Village Board recently adopted the Community Forest Management Plan to guide management of an urban forest by implementing a proactive, organized program that sets goals and monitors progress. 


For more information regarding PTAB, contact the Community Development Department by email or call (518)891-4150 ext 235. 


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