Village Ride Share Pilot Program

Ride Share Pilot Program

On October 1st, the Village of Saranac Lake will launch a 6 month Ride Share Pilot Program with Uber. It will help explore the feasibility of implementing subsidized rideshare services and determine the best and most dependable transportation system to individuals needing it within the Village or area of residence or work. 


The program will subsidize up to 50% of rides booked using a voucher system set up with Uber. This will give passengers the ability to schedule their trips on their smart phones using the app or by calling to request a ride at a particular time and location. 


Our Goals as a Village for the Ride Share Pilot Program:

  1. To identify what the peak hours and locations for transportation services are throughout the day.
  2. To increase the dependability of transportation in the Village.
  3. To provide a more cost-effective ride-sharing option for residents. 
  4. Better understand the specific transportation needs of those who meet the criteria for subsidized rideshare.


*Approval for subsidized Ride Share is dependent on location and income*


  1. Fill out the online application
  2. Submit the application to the Village Clerk at
  3. Once approved, you will be notified and given further instructions


1. Scan the QR code below

2. Download the application

3. Create an account

4. Request a ride

5. Use voucher given upon approval

6. Submit ride


Download Uber App