Police Chief

Village of Saranac Lake, Department of Police



THIS IS A COMPETITIVE CLASS APPOINTMENT. All interested individuals must have completed the relevant open competitive exam. Please check back to Franklin County for future exam announcements.



Title:                                      Police Chief

Department:                        Department of Police

Location:                              Village of Saranac Lake

Jurisdictional Class:           Competitive Class Appointment

Full Time:                            40 hours per week

Application deadline:         Until position is filled

Starting Annual Salary:      Competitive Salary

Residency:                           Residency is waived






This work involves responsibility for overseeing all police functions and for planning and directing law enforcement activities in a town or village. The incumbent will also function as a sworn police officer and is responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement of the general criminal laws of the State and possesses the police powers afforded a police officer in NYS Criminal Procedures Law. The work is performed in accordance with established policies and objectives and is subject to administrative direction from the Village or Town Board. Additionally, there is also responsibility for providing initial and continuing training for subordinates and for insuring that high standards of conduct are maintained.

Supervision is exercised over the work of subordinate staff. Incumbent does related work as required.








  1. Formulates Department rules and issues both written and verbal orders as are necessary to ensure a well-coordinated and efficient police force;
  2. Assigns Officers to posts and tours of duty and approves changes, transfers and leaves and maintains proper discipline;
  3. Receives telephone calls and dispatches Officers or personally responds;
  4. Ensures that recruits and all other Police Officers receive adequate training in police methods and techniques through participation in Municipal Police Training Council instruction, on-the-job training, or locally developed programs;
  5. Reviews activities and reports of Officers;
  6. Analyzes crime and police conditions and plans special public campaigns for traffic safety and crime prevention;
  7. Sets hours of duty, vacations, etc., for members of the force;
  8. Recommends the purchase of necessary supplies and equipment;
  9. Cooperates with other Police Departments, State and Federal law enforcement agencies and the public;
  10. Investigates reports of and attempts to locate missing and wanted persons and stolen property;
  11. Checks on the security of unoccupied business and residential property;
  12. Makes regular reports of activities;
  1. May perform or supervise local boat patrol activities;
  2. Provides mutual aid assistance to other law enforcement agencies when requested;
  3. May be responsible for departmental budget;
  4. May perform police officer work as necessary (i.e.: making arrests, issuing warrants, conducting various investigations, etc.).









  1. Good knowledge of modern principles and practices of police work and police administration;
  2. Good knowledge of the New York State Penal Law, Code of Criminal Procedures, Vehicle and Traffic Law, and all local laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to police work;
  3. Good knowledge of scientific methods of crime detection and criminal investigations;
  4. Ability to lead and direct the activities of Police Officers;
  5. Ability to interpret the work of the department and to maintain cooperative relationships with other officials and the general public;
  6. Resourcefulness;
  7. Physical Condition commensurate with the duties of the position.







Six years of full time *experience* as a Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, or State Trooper with an organized police force or law enforcement agency, four years of which must have been in a combination of one or more supervisory titles.

*Experience must be permanent, competitive status gained exclusively through appointment from a New York State eligible list as defined by Section 58.1 of the Civil Service Law.




Pursuant to New York State Civil Service Law Section 58, no person shall be eligible for appointment to any rank above the rank of police officer unless that person has been appointed a police officer from an eligible list established according to merit and fitness or has previously served as a member of the New York State Police.





Generous benefits package including NYS Retirement System







  1. Please send a resume and application with references to:


Village of Saranac Lake

Attn: Payroll Department

39 Main St., Suite 9

Saranac Lake, NY 12983


  1. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.
  2. The Village will contact prospective applicants to schedule interviews; please do not call the office directly.



Date Posted: 11-10-2021

Expire Date: Open until filled

Contact Name: Lidia O'Kelly, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Contact Email: payroll@saranaclakeny.gov